Children’s Ministry

Our Focus

Our shared vision is to lead children to know Jesus personally. If should be a natural process to produce in them a  lifelong hunger to know Him more. We have a wonderful staff of teachers and leaders in each ministry that: reach in to our children, reach up to God and reach out to the children of this community. OUR Place is a partnership of all of the NextGen ministries. Our children and youth ministries overlap not only in shared space but also in vision, mission and heart.

Ministry Leader

Ritzy Muckel

Current Ministry

Sunday Morning Classes

Every Sunday at 10am
Nursery (Birth – 2 yrs.)

Our nursery program focuses on the love and security that every infant requires for emotionally healthy development. We partner with the nurture of parents through hands-on play and the gentle love of our volunteers. OUR children experience what it is to be loved and safe. These two essential needs produce trust. Trust is the foundation that is required to know a loving God in a personal way. Preparing an infant to be a trusting toddler with a firm sense of independence and autonomy will result in “I do it myself” confident attitude. Rocking chairs and changing diapers are not all that is foundational ministry focuses on. “I do it myself” reassures the parents and church workers that a confident child is emerging. A physically, socially and spiritually healthy child is developing as they learn that the world can be trusted and so can the name of Jesus.

3 – 4 yrs.

Our toddlers are taught about our Creator, His promises and the love that God feels for them through the Reach and Share Curriculum. This repetitive method of teaching establishes a godly core belief in God at a level that ministers to the child. Through real life interaction with volunteers and other children our toddlers learn sharing and caring as well as self-control. Fruit of a godly life are given opportunities to grow at OUR Place.

Key truths are taught through hands-on activities, music and various interaction in a child friendly room. Introduction to the Bible and thankfulness in concrete thinking help establish OUR children’s attitudes to be secure in God. Prayer is taught as we share our food of love on and injured puppy. God cares about our every need.

Pre-K – First Grade

A healthy self-image is key to understanding that God loves us unconditionally. At this age personal core values are being developed for a lifetime. OUR children are introduced to school and new social dynamics. Having the ability to initiate play on their own demonstrates a developed confidence in who they are without fear of guilt. With Clear Teaching Curriculum and a safe atmosphere independence is developed. Becoming rooted in God’s love produces self control and consideration – fruit of the Spirit.

Elementary  (2nd – 4th Grade)

Learning to read the Bible and getting a basic understanding of how to search out God’s Word for themselves mark the drastic progress of this dynamic Mighty Generation. Practicing skills in life application and social interaction reassure these children. They truly enjoy the experiences of a life group in a safe and friendly atmosphere as they prepare for their pre-teen years.

Upcoming Events

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Opportunities to Serve

If you are interesting in teaching or serving in our children’s ministry contact Ritzy Muckel.